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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rise Of Social Media And Predictions For 2015

2015 may be the year which could change the face of social media marketing, since last few days there has been so much buzz about Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+ being the most visited social media channels. Facebook and Twitter have been threatened by these kinds of news in the past for so many times, but never overthrown from their position, this is may be the first time when Youtube overtook Facebook and Instagram overtook Twitter and also people started recognizing Pinterest as a social media marketing platform for real. Tumblr was considered as a platform for teenagers, but in 2014 marketers started considering it as a marketing platform also. 

There are some posts regarding the above mentioned news I want to share with you:

Lets have a look at the evolution of Social Media from 2004 - 2014
Rise Of Social Media And Predictions For 2015
Source: Media Vision

Monday, December 1, 2014

Why You Need To Integrate Your SEO & Social Media Efforts

Social Media and SEO are the two most used digital channels for promotion of any business. Where SEO provides slow and steady results, social media provides more instant and volatile results. But in recent times both SEO and social media have changed a lot where in SEO, Google has updated its search algorithms and the change is still going on, the in social media the competition has become more fierce.  So with the continued evolution of search engines towards semantic search, social media is also going to play an important role in search results and promotions. It is pretty important to integrate your SEO efforts with social media rather than using them both as different channels, not only it will provide you better visibility in search results but it will also increase the legitimacy of your business.