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Monday, March 9, 2015

Best Practices To Be A Successful Modern Marketer

Marketing is a topic which is not only about the analysis but it also has a creative side. Without any of them marketing is incomplete, so to create a successful and engaging marketing strategy you need to have both sides. Each of them have their own part to play in it. 

According to Google in 2012 it received 2 million search queries per minute, but today they say that they receives over 4 million search queries per minute. According to this statics data management is necessary that is where scientific part of marketing steps in, regardless of past today only artistic efforts are not enough to create a successful marketing strategy. The balanced ratio of artistic and scientific efforts are needed. 

Have a look at this infographic to know that how these marketing practices together will help you become a successful modern marketer.   

Best Practices To Be A Successful Modern Marketer
Source: Salesforce
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