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Friday, March 13, 2015

Social Media Shortcuts Guide For You

Attention all the social media guys! Do you spend lots of time on social media? Are you tired of using mouse and keyboard to browse the whole path? Does your job involves lots of posting and browsing on social media but it takes a lot of time to do so? If you want to cut down some time spending on social media here is the solution, setupablogtoday.com has come with this nice infographic having all the information you need about shortcuts for social media. Facebook, Twitter, G+, YouTube even Tumblr they have it all. 

So keep browsing your favourite social media with these easy shortcuts and save your time and effort.
Social Media Shortcuts

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  1. OMG Manish.. I love this infographic.. at first I didn't get it.. then I went to twitter.. a place I spend lots of time on.. and then I tried a few of the shortcuts.. and POW.. I'm in love.. ok.. I'm going to share this on my blog tomorrow and mention you as my source.. thanks so much.. keep smiling