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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Key Characteristics Of A High Quality Link

Since the late 1990s search engines have treated links as votes for popularity and importance to rank a website in their search results. For search engines crawlers internet is the ocean of content and links are the route between pages. Using sophisticated algorithms and link analysis search engines can discover how pages are related to each other and in what ways.

Link building is the major factor in every SEO strategy, link building has changed a lot from its inception. In beginning you just need to submit your websites to search engines, directories, yellow pages to get a backlink, but as search engines and algorithms evolved  link building has evolved too. Now you their are many factors affect link building and quality of a link. Media Vision Interactive has created this visual to show key characteristics of  a quality link.

The Power of Digital PR for SEO & Search Visibility
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  1. Perfect guide about high quality link building. Thanks for it.