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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

16 Steps Of Creating Compelling Content

Content marketing an important part of any digital marketing campaign. This infographic created by www.websearchseo.co.uk will not only help increase your marketing success rate but it will also help you with the answer of the questions like, “what is content marketing”, “what are the advantages of content marketing ” and the most popular one, “how can it help a business”?

Content marketing can be started by creating just one type of content at a time. So start with a blog. Then add at least one new content at a time. Content has always been the King and with all the overwhelming reaction in present time it is even more important to create content which is not only relevant to your audience but entertaining, easily understandable and which other people can share.

16 Steps Of Creating Compelling Content

Source - WebSearchSEO UK

Monday, April 13, 2015

Indian Ecommerce Industry In 2015

By the end of 2016 India’s ecommerce market may likely to achieve a huge customer base of 100 million, with the majority of female users and it would be valued around $15 billion according to a report released by Google. This report was released by Google during the announcement of the Great Shopping Festival 2014. This is an annual online shopping event hosted by Google.
With association with Forrester Consulting, Google released their latest report indicating the figures on online shopping trends in India.

With starting figure of only 8 million in 2012, it has achieved 35 million user base in 2014, and according to the report by 2016 India’s ecommerce customer base will be around 100 million which is 12 times in just 4 years.

For startups and big players in Indian ecommerce industry it is an explosive growth and good opportunity to capture market share. 

Following is the infographic from happycheckout.in showing some insight figures on Indian eCommerce Industry.  

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mobile SEO Guide For Mobile Friendly Websites

To no one’s surprise, Google announced that its mobile-friendly algorithm is going to be a ranking factor in the mobile search results in the near future. First time in history they actually pre-announced an algorithm’s specific release date (21 April 2015). Many people already knew that it is coming because Google is playing with mobile friendly factors for quite some time now. They already put “mobile friendly” labels on the website in mobile search result pages. 

People are calling this update day by various names like mobilepocalyse, mobilegeddon, mobocalypse, mopocalypse etc. According to Google they are going to reward mobile friendly websites and non-mobile friendly websites are going to see some ranking drops. 

So as every webmaster got a heads up about this update so they have ample time to prepare, but many of them are wondering about how to mobile SEO is going to be affected by mobile friendly algorithm? Here is your answer, instantshift.com has created this detailed infographic which has many helpful mobile SEO.

Mobile SEO Guide For Mobile Friendly Websites
Source - Instant Shift

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How To Improve Customer Service With Visual Social Media

With the increasing user base of Instagram, You tube, Vine etc. the traditional social media is losing its touch. The ‘Y’ generation is more focused on using visual based social networks, so how to connect with them to improve customer service. 
Can you use YouTube for customer service? Yes why not. In depth tutorials, videos of “how to troubleshoot” etc. are the ways in which YouTube can be used to create better user experience and provide better customer service. 

Rather than explain problem over chat or sending email to wouldn’t it be nice to just take a picture or create a vine of the problem and share it directly with an IT specialist? This is much more efficient than less time consuming than describing your problem, also the support specialist can provide instructions in same way. 

How other social networks can be used to improve customer service, here is a infographic created by Gryffin Media to explain how?

How To Improve Customer Service With Visual Social Media
Source - Gryffin Media

Monday, April 6, 2015

Mistakes To Avoid In SEO

Mistakes To Be Avoid In SEO
Since the inception of SEO its strategies are continuously being changed to avoid misuse, from a single process of link building SEO has grown up to multi way process with more than 200 factors affecting it. If performed correctly it can drive a lot of relevant and engaging traffic to your website, but if you do it wrong your website may even not come in search results. It is a slow process with long lasting results so you have to be very patient with it, adhere to all the guidelines of Google Webmaster Tools and follow the rules of Google search algorithms. And to avoid any other mistake you can take reference from the following infographic created by Fertile Frog.
Mistakes To Be Avoid In SEO
Source - Fertile Frog

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

9 Blog Promotion Tactics From Experts

Blogging has become a serious trend on Internet in last decade, started as a hobby it even became full time earning job for many people. But with frequent Google algorithm updates amateur bloggers are having hard time finding relevant traffic and engagement to their blogs. Many new bloggers are not aware of relevant blog promotion tactics. 
Referral Candy has collected information from over 40+ experts from SEO field and laid it out in a comprehensible infographic.   

9 Blog Promotion Tactics From Experts
Source - Referral Candy