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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How To Improve Customer Service With Visual Social Media

With the increasing user base of Instagram, You tube, Vine etc. the traditional social media is losing its touch. The ‘Y’ generation is more focused on using visual based social networks, so how to connect with them to improve customer service. 
Can you use YouTube for customer service? Yes why not. In depth tutorials, videos of “how to troubleshoot” etc. are the ways in which YouTube can be used to create better user experience and provide better customer service. 

Rather than explain problem over chat or sending email to wouldn’t it be nice to just take a picture or create a vine of the problem and share it directly with an IT specialist? This is much more efficient than less time consuming than describing your problem, also the support specialist can provide instructions in same way. 

How other social networks can be used to improve customer service, here is a infographic created by Gryffin Media to explain how?

How To Improve Customer Service With Visual Social Media
Source - Gryffin Media
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