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Monday, April 13, 2015

Indian Ecommerce Industry In 2015

By the end of 2016 India’s ecommerce market may likely to achieve a huge customer base of 100 million, with the majority of female users and it would be valued around $15 billion according to a report released by Google. This report was released by Google during the announcement of the Great Shopping Festival 2014. This is an annual online shopping event hosted by Google.
With association with Forrester Consulting, Google released their latest report indicating the figures on online shopping trends in India.

With starting figure of only 8 million in 2012, it has achieved 35 million user base in 2014, and according to the report by 2016 India’s ecommerce customer base will be around 100 million which is 12 times in just 4 years.

For startups and big players in Indian ecommerce industry it is an explosive growth and good opportunity to capture market share. 

Following is the infographic from happycheckout.in showing some insight figures on Indian eCommerce Industry.  
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