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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mobile SEO Guide For Mobile Friendly Websites

To no one’s surprise, Google announced that its mobile-friendly algorithm is going to be a ranking factor in the mobile search results in the near future. First time in history they actually pre-announced an algorithm’s specific release date (21 April 2015). Many people already knew that it is coming because Google is playing with mobile friendly factors for quite some time now. They already put “mobile friendly” labels on the website in mobile search result pages. 

People are calling this update day by various names like mobilepocalyse, mobilegeddon, mobocalypse, mopocalypse etc. According to Google they are going to reward mobile friendly websites and non-mobile friendly websites are going to see some ranking drops. 

So as every webmaster got a heads up about this update so they have ample time to prepare, but many of them are wondering about how to mobile SEO is going to be affected by mobile friendly algorithm? Here is your answer, instantshift.com has created this detailed infographic which has many helpful mobile SEO.

Mobile SEO Guide For Mobile Friendly Websites
Source - Instant Shift
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  1. It is clear that mobile responsive designs are the future of online marketing. Webmasters must align with the recommendations of Google on this tactic.

    Its no longer news that frequent innovations on gadgets and mobile SEO are making the search powers like Google leverage on mobile capacity.

    The guys at Instant Shift did a great job with this infographic! It is very informative!
    I have shared the above comment in kingged.com where this post was found!