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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Rise Of Tumblr, Reddit and LiveJournal In 2015

Year 2014 was good for content, bloggers, blogging communities and online social communities. And the trend is looking good for them in 2015 also. Bitly just published a detailed infographic for facts and figures for Tumblr, Live journal and Reddit. Where Reddit and Tumblr are growing strong, Live journal the forgotten online community also saw a rise in traffic from Q4 of 2014 to Q1 of 2015. There is good news and weird news. Where all 3 of them saw rise in traffic which is very good but the weird things is, in this age of mobile devices Tumblr and Reddit saw rise in traffic from desktop. Where Reddit got more traffic from mobiles devices than desktop.
After being acquired by Yahoo, Tumblr got more than double traffic from Q4 of 2014 to Q1 of 2015. Live journal also saw huge increase of 58.1% in traffic. Reddit also got increase of 42.2% of traffic in which most users are from mobile device. 

Rise Of Tumblr, Reddit and LiveJournal In 2015
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  1. It will not be out of place to remark that mobile is ruling even in the social media and online community.

    Most of the significant improvement for Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and others have to do with mobile-friendly designs and marketing. I am even surprise that platforms like Live Journal are still making waves!

    The BITLY Index as reported here is welcoming and I am sure marketers are go to leverage more on mobile to gain traction in the ever competitive world of online marketing!
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