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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Advanced Search Operator's Guide for SEO Link Building

Those who are still saying that SEO is dead are not talking about SEO they are talking about the old ways of SEO although they don’t know about it. SEO is not about tricking search engines for higher ranking, linking schemes, and web spam for traffic and links. If you think this is SEO then yes it is dead. But there is more to the picture than you think, SEO is refers to the process of getting better visibility, better ranking, better traffic, in search engine by playing within the guidelines of the search engines. It is concept which is linked to the search engines for better results and organic reach and until search engines are living, SEO can’t be dead. 
How many times SEO have to die? Well it can’t die, the old ways of doing it dies every time they say “SEO is dead”. 

Everybody might be confused about what should we do to keep getting free traffic from search engines, well you can play by the rules set by search engines mostly by Google. To do that you have to follow some guidelines about content, quality backlinking etc. 

SEO Optimizers came with this incredible infographic explaining the role of search operators for backlinking.
Advanced Search Operator
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