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Friday, July 3, 2015

Avoiding Common Errors In Writing Customer Case Study

Case studies are used by companies to engage potential customers, and generate leads. Case studies helps showcase how they are satisfying there customer’s needs than their competitors. They help brands differentiating their competitors by displaying their unique characters. Choose the right case study can be tricky. It takes time to select one who can show measurable results and connect with customers. 

Following is the infographic created by Wordcentral which can help you with “How to choose the perfect case study to showcase”.
Avoiding Common Errors In Writing Customer Case Study

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Process Of Creating Buyers Personas

Buyer’s persona helps you create engaging content for your potential customers, it gives you insight about the habits of various types of customers. But before start creating the content for potential customers you need to research about the buyers persona.

Collect data from web analytics, your own business intelligence, surveys etc. Start analysing actionable metrics like bounce rates organic traffic, page traffic, leads, mobile traffic, conversion rates, exit pages, referring sites etc. don’t get fooled by vanity metrics they can’t help you make decision in creating buyers persona.

Let’s see what other things you need to know about creating buyers persona in the following infographic created by WSI.

The Process Of Creating Buyers Personas